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Linux for zSeries; the Roadmap to Success

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VM Assist
The Linux for zSeries Experts!

VM Assist has fourteen years experience as an IBM S/390 and now zSeries Business Partner and Service Provider. Our intimate knowledge of Linux has made us the leader in helping customers configure, acquire, and implement Linux dream machines. Let us map out how your company can scale new heights by pursuing this robust, unique, and cost-effective strategy! Even if the world of IBM large systems is new to you, VM Assist will make the process of deploying your business onto an zSeries server platform straightforward, secure, and profitable.

May 2000:
IBM Announces Linux on a "Mainframe"!

On May 17th IBM acknowledged the power of Linux, the world's fastest growing operating system, by enabling it on all product lines, even the largest, recently announced eserver zSeries processors, still best known as mainframes! This is not an IBM version of Linux, but the true, open source, Linux. IBM calls it "Linux for zSeries".

Ready Today: Linux for Large Enterprises!

Linux for zSeries means cost-effectiveness via server consolidation and revolutionary new operational features enabled by the zSeries' traditional strengths. Linux's networking efficiency and affinity to the Internet, coupled with every company's need to economically scale its applications, make this a perfect development and production platform. One large IBM system can efficiently share its computing, memory, disk, and networking resources across hundreds of virtual Linux servers, reducing the total cost of ownership to levels well below an equivalent platform with multiple, smaller, workstations.

Top Ten Reasons to Consider Linux for zSeries:

Linux for zSeries brings all of the following strengths in addition to all the features normally attributed to Linux:
  • Server Consolidation
  • Networking Efficiency
  • Resource Sharing
  • Operational controls & automation
  • More robust and efficient file system
  • Reliability
  • Debugging Tools
  • Virtualization
  • Security
  • Horizontal Growth Capacity

Where Can You Get Applications and other Software?

There are LOTS (hundreds) of off-the-shelf applications and software packages available for Linux for zSeries. Check out:

Where Can You Get More Information?

Linux for zSeries has generated a lot of press. Along with our website, additional information can be found at:

Contact or call 360-715-2467 for more information.

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